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Painting: Oils or Acrylics?

Oil painting has been considered the standard medium since the renaissance era and before. With the advent of acrylics in the 1950's we now have a better and safer option. Many people have reactions to oil mediums, thus acrylic is the solution. Acrylic dilutes and cleans up with simple water and it also may outlast oil. An artist's expression can never be replaced.


Basic Components

Paint brushes are an integral part of the painting process, however contrary to popular belief they do not have to be expensive. I have found that as long as you clean your brushes properly you can make an inexpensive brush last equally as long as the more costly alternatives. The cleaning solvent is as unique as everything else that I do. Learn the secrets. I have a lot to share.

My Procedure

The beginning of any painting requires a reference source, whether it be a photograph or plein air. I prefer working from photos because I like to focus on the path of light and the shadows it creates. Pictured, is a close up of my desk top showing my black and white reference and my digital source, which happens to be my iPad. I do my own photography and shoot approximately seventy five images before making one photo determination. I rarely use Photoshop to enhance my images.


The Art Of Robert S. Brown

Each of the windows below opens a door to my personal art worlds. Take the tour..

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Gallery: Illustrations
In the infancy of my professional career I worked as a freelance illustrator in the publishing market.

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Gallery: Fine Art
This body of work encompasses my current acrylic paintings which are currently in progress. Still life can move you!

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Gallery: Murals
These paintings are all large format wall art. Contrary to my other artwork, these are all painted in standard house paint.

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Gallery: Tile Art
While exploring painting surfaces one day, I discovered that ceramic tiles were an excellent choice of medium. Preparation is key.

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My Technique, Explained..

Unlike a conventional oil painting palette, my acrylic palette is custom-made to suit my technique. The palette consists of condiment cups which fit perfectly inside a standard muffin tray. Thirty five percent pigment is used in relationship to sixty five percent water. This process allows me to paint with a more affordable budget.

It's all about your imagination

The idea

Your point of view is your personal fingerprint. It's unique. You are the artist!

The process

Observation is visual. You need to visualize your environment quite carefully.

Gathering information

Now that you have your idea, you must find all of the resources needed to lay out your design.

Ready to paint

After you have done your drawing on whatever surface you are using, it is now time to create your color palette.

So, what can I offer you?

I can help you to think and become a better artist!

Robert S Brown Artist Studio Library

The Library

An artist's library is an essential reference source for inspiration and content. These are some of my favorite books.

Ready to Frame

Ready to Frame

Traditional framing has been the norm, but now we must show our work online and frame our paintings digitally.

The Artist's Collectables

My Models

Searching is probably the most enjoyable aspect of my work. Thrift stores & antique shops are my hunting grounds.

Where the magic begins..

Your Studio Is A Direct Reflection Of Your Creative Ability.